We are based in Krasnodar, Russia and focus on the production of various pâtés and sauces from plant-based ingredients.


Casa Kubana products are vegan-friendly. They are best for any healthy eating fan. Everyday healthy foods are made of natural ingredients undergoing the most delicate processing.
The nutritional value of our products is equal to the one of meat. They are yet very nutritious and savory.

Our approach

We offer the customers the best combination of taste, quality and value. Casa Kubana pays great attention to the ingredients. All the raw materials are under careful control: temperature, freshness, certificates of conformity. A significant part of the suppliers are producers from the South of Russia. Basil, soybeans, lentils, peas and much more – they all are grown in the fields of the Kuban and Don.
The company strives to meet the concept of clean label: the number of ingredients is minimal and their origin is clear to any customer. We avoid the use of synthetic ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavors and colorings. We are sure that healthy, natural and tasty food should not always be expensive. Local production, a powerful technological platform, and the absence of unnecessary advertising allow us to make the products available for daily intake.

Dmitry Dymochkin
Co-founder of the Casa Kubana

Why does Casa Kubana offer the best price without losing the quality?

  1. Local ingredients and local production.
  2. Optimal technological cycle, non-borrowed technological solutions.
  3. Regular reinvestment in production. We educate the people and develop our technologies on a regular basis.
  4. Lean production and safety. High quality standards and updated risk management.
  5. We provide the motivation working conditions for the employees to make progress and love the product we are creating together.